Pole Dance Class FAQ

What should I wear?

Wear form fitting fitness attire that won’t get in the way of your sexy. We recommend wearing fitted shorts (as short as you like) coupled with a tank top, sports bra or fitted t-shirt. No baggy t-shirts or pants. Pants/Shorts should try to stay above your knees.

Should I wear heels?

Heels are always welcome and encouraged, but not required. We recommend an exotic dance shoe with an ankle strap. We also recommend that you double check that your heels do have some grip on the bottom, not too much but not completely smooth.

Is there anything I cannot wear?

For your own safety no jewelry should be worn. No oil, creams, body moisturizers, etc. These can make the pole slippery which can be dangerous. No inappropriate clothing (g-strings, bra’s, etc.) Try not to wear any clothing that you are afraid to rip, tear or snag.

Should I bring anything else?

Just come with a fun, open attitude and a sense of humor. Sapphire Pole Studio  will provide everything else. We have towels, water and drinks available.

When can I start?

Our classes are unique in that you can start or stop at any time no matter what level you are at. There are no series or commitments involved because you pay as you go. Visit our schedule online, choose a day and time that works for you and reserve your class today…it’s that simple!

How long is a pole dance class?

The classes are 1 hour each and are offered every day of the week between the hours of 1pm and 8pm.

How many times per week can I come or do you recommend?

You may attend class as often as you like, but we would like to caution you in doing so. Just as with any other fitness regimen, overuse can result in injury, we encourage you not to overdo it. We recommend 1-3 pole classes per week to perfect your technique. To ensure you get the class time in your desire, note that you can always set up a standing reservation for the amount of classes you want or register online when you are available.

Will I Iearn something new every time?

Our instructors are trained to choreograph a new sequence for every pole dance class and challenge returning students where necessary. You can expect different transitional and dance moves in each class, but know that the more you come, the more likely you are to see a familiar trick or two! Remember, practice makes perfect!

Do I have to take the required amount of classes before progressing to the next level?

Yes! And besides…what’s the rush?! We have prerequisites in place to ensure a safe and fun experience during each class for all clients.

Is there a weight limit for Pole Dance classes?

No. Our poles are professionally installed and the same as those used in exotic dance clubs. We welcome all shapes and sizes.

Can I “watch” a class prior to participating or can I bring my friend, boyfriend or husband?

No. To ensure the comfort of every student, we do not allow any spectators or guest in classes.

I am nervous. I am not sure that the classes are right for me…

To put it simply, YES. Most women are! It’s a very vulnerable thing to want to improve your confidence and sexiness – and pole dance classes sometimes feel taboo. Well, at Sapphire Pole Studio, you can put all your fears to rest. We have fun, friendly teachers and a beautiful environment that are simply here to help you become the best you can be. We are confident that our classes are for you! Sapphire Pole Studio classes are designed for everyday women looking to get back in shape, boost their confidence and/or spice up their old boring workout!

I’ve never danced before – is that OK?

Absolutely! We have some incredible teachers that can teach even the most uncoordinated out there to transform into their sexy selves. You simply have to grant yourself patience as you learn this new art, and you’ll be a dancing queen in no time.

I am shy or don’t want to be in a class with others… do you offer private one-on-one lessons?

We do offer private one-on-one lessons, but these are typically requested by experienced students interested in nailing a specific trick or preparing for a special evening *wink wink*. Please consult one of our professional instructors for private lesson pricing by sending an email to allison@sapphirelasvegas.com.

How many students are in a class? Will I have to share a pole with someone else?

There is a maximum of 12 ladies in a class and there are 6 poles so yes, from time to time students may be asked to share a pole but are ensured to get the maximum benefits of your pole classes.

What is the age requirement for pole dance classes?

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate. If you are with a group of ladies over the age of 21 and are under 21, you will not be allowed to take part in the complimentary shot.

Are men allowed in the pole dance classes?

Sapphire Pole Studio is for usually a woman  only class, however sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. If there is a group with a male that does want to participate and pays to participate with the group of females, it is allowed.

Is there any nudity in class?

No, there is never any nudity in class.

Is preregistration required for pole dance classes?

Preregistration is REQUIRED in advance for pole dance classes. Space is very limited and the demand is high. Drop-ins are always welcome if you call at least 2 hours in advance, if spaces permits, but please arrive early 5-10 minutes prior no exceptions. Again we recommended preregistration, especially your first time we hate to turn anyone

I am an exotic dancer already will your classes help me?

Our classes are designed for everyday women, fun,fitness and for the exotic dancers. You are more than welcome to attend our classes we are confident you will learn something however if you have something in particular you would like to learn and do not like the idea of following a lesson plan then we recommend you consider a private lesson. If you would like to discuss your unique situation with us, please consult with one of our trained instructors to discuss your options.

Do we offer one on one classes?

Yes we offer one on one class.

Can we book private classes?

All of our classes are private.

Are there different classes for different skill levels?

Yes, each class is tailor made for your party exclusively.

Can we take a class on Friday and see the 'Men of Sapphire' show on Friday or Saturday?

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