It's your Bachelorette Party!  This is your last chance to have what you really want...

Men Of Sapphire Local Ladies only $10It's down to your final few days as a single, independent woman and you want to celebrate them guilt-free with a crew full of your most loyal friends. It's your Bachelorette Party, these male strippers will make it memorable! This is your last chance to have what you really evening with a roomful of incredibly hot guys with bodies like Gerard Butler in "300" who are there exclusively to please you, you can even have one on one time with these guys.

Men of Sapphire is one of the sexiest male revue shows in Las Vegas, with men who aren’t afraid to show some skin and are excited to share their spicy dance moves with the crowd. No matter if you’re starting the party or ending the evening at Men of Sapphire, we’ll create some fireworks for you and your friends. This strip show isn’t like any other in Vegas. Run, don’t walk towards this male strip bar experience!

We have just the evening planned for you in our male revue show's ladies-only showroom. The evening starts with complimentary, luxury transportation for your entire party. You will be escorted in by your host and you and your friends will be photographed with a few of the men to document the occasion before being led to plush VIP seating. Leave your inhibitions at the door as you enjoy your favorite cocktail or a bottle of champagne.home

This male strip show begins with the requisite countdown and theatrical entrance, the men jump around the stage with moves Usher would approve of.  What follows is a series of themed fantasies: the dress marine, the fireman, the cowboy, the construction worker and the bad boys to name a few. The feature entertainer is three-time Playgirl centerfold and Mr. Universe, Rico Elbaz. Las Vegas Best Hip Hop Artist, Taurus takes the stage as well with Chris Brown-like dance moves. Your bridechilla will not regret your choice. The greatest crowd reactions however, come from the sudden appearance of washboard abs when the clothes come off during this Las Vegas Male Revue.

But Men of Sapphire isn't your typical male revue where the exotic male dancers (for the most part) stay on stage and perform to choreographed routines. The gentlemen walk around, flirting with the audience giving lucky women a chance for up-close-and-personal lap dances in the back of the room. These one-on-one male strippers will have your and your whole bachelorette party having a ball.

Ladies, if you're looking for a naughty ladies night club with so much more than the usual male entertainers, then this is the place to be! Your evening will include a variety of international accents and the hard bodies of our professional male dancers providing choreographed stage performances as well as personal one on one entertainment. Enjoy the male eye candy as each performer takes his turn on stage and don't be afraid to treat yourself to a drink at our bar. You can expect a lot of crowd interaction because you will be encouraged to not only see this male strip show, but to be part of the show. If you're lucky, you'll get called up on stage for an impromptu up-close-and-personal performance.

Your dreams of an up close encounter with beautiful strong men can come true at Men of Sapphire's male revue show! Submit a piece of paper to the DJ volunteering the bachelorette, the bridezilla, or birthday girl for a stage dance or a private dance for a little extra cash and memorable entertainment. Ladies are also summoned to crowd around the stage where a guy will give you a little extra special attention and one-on-one time - for a dollar.

We visited the Men Of Sapphire we had a great time...


We visited the Men of Sapphire we had a great time getting to know the guys. They all spoke to us for a while getting to know them without having to pay for their attention. A.J., Kaleb, Blake, Hector, Logan, Taurus, and Gage treated us like ladies and not meat. It was nice to meet polite and sexy men. We will definitely return on our next visit to Vegas. We are totally looking forward to our next trip. Thank you so much,


Jaime, Cindy, and Jennifer.

I was in the club recently, August 3 to take this opportunity to express my thoughts.

To Whom It May Concern: August 7th 2013

I was in the club recently, August 3 to take this opportunity to express my thoughts. Your phone staff was most helpful in setting up our reservation and transportation. The driver was charming. I did not get his name however he is an older man, silvered haired and as deriving a suburban. There was a group of 5 of us and from the minute we came in the front door we were treated with nothing but the upmost respect. There are times when women visit an establishment such as Sapphire and are treated quite differently. I was comfortable from the moment I stepped out of the limo. The service staff was professional and very attentive. The young man who seated us until the fight he was over stayed with us the whole evening. Again, I do not have his name. He was young with a medium build and blond hair. He was continuously checking in with us and never made us wait for anything. He does what he does very well. The dancers you have are amazing. My favorite is Logan, with A.J as a close second. I have seen Thunder, American Storm, and Chippendale’s in addition to a few of the smaller shows. I no longer have any reason to see them when I can see the Men of Sapphire. Our group is in Las Vegas once or twice a year and we will definitely be coming back when we are in town.

I noticed the stage hand was wearing a Men of Sapphire t-shirt. I would wear proudly it here in Phoenix just to advertise for you! Obviously, you have noticed I have included a note addressed to Logan. This is a thank you note and I would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to deliver it to him or have it delivered to him unopened. Thank you. In closing, I would like to thank you and the staff at Sapphire for the wonderful time we had. I am involved in Customer satisfaction and know what is required to keep people happy. Sapphire certainly knows how to as well. Please let me know when you design a frequent visitor card. I’ll certainly sign up! If for any reason you wish to contact me for anything please feel free.

Sincerely, Nanci B.

Good morning Larry and Aly!

I just wanted to say that we had a great time both nights from the limo pickup to the seats right next to the runway.  We loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Best of luck to you guys.  We will definitely look you up again next time we are in  Vegas!  Thanks for 2 memorable nights!

Best, Pam